About me

Currently, an assistant professor in the Faculty of Science and Engineering at the University of Groningen. Member of the Software Engineering and Architecture group, led by Paris Avgeriou.

My research interests lie in software quality, source code analysis, and software architecture. My work aims to reflect on the intersection (often seen as a gap) between software architecture and source code.

During my doctoral project, I investigated the challenges of the interplay between the run-time constraints imposed by embedded hardware (e.g., performance and energy consumption) and design-time quality attributes (e.g., maintainability and reusability) necessary for the smooth evolution of the system. In this line, I worked on software quality as measured by static and dynamic analysis, and explored design patterns as a means to manage the trade-off between such quality attributes. Recently, I have also investigated frameworks as a means to design high-quality IoT applications with the potential to accommodate a variety of vendors. However, as reuse may bring concerns such as vulnerabilities, my interest has also been drawn into the investigation of security constraints in reuse.

In recent years, I have also vested in technical debt (TD) as a metaphor to monetize architectural and design decisions and, more importantly, serve as a common language among software development stakeholders and for decision-making. So far, I have studied TD in Python open-source projects and how they compare to TD accumulated in Java systems, as well as phenomena such as self-fixed technical debt.

You can read more about and from me on my pages at the University of Groningen, Software Architecture and Engineering website, and the social networks on the sidebar of this page.